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special duplicate service: you name the desired slides !
Are you looking for a certain duplicate of a slide that is impossible to find as an original slide? Please feel free to ask me, whether I have the desired subject available for reproduction. The chances are good, as I have about 50 000 Kodak original slides available from the last 30 to 35 years. I will duplicate the slide for you. The slide will be reproduced manually with three different lightings. The best dupe will be sent to you by mail. This special VIP-service will cost 6 sFr for each duplicate, which is still cheaper than most manually reproduced slides in a fotostore.
VIP arrangement
You are welcome to have a look at many slides, that are available for sale in small quantity - accumulated throughout the years. Where? at the VIP address in Basel (In den Ziegelhöfen 69). Please phone in advance!
Phone: +41 61 301 77 32
Mobile: +41 79 262 61 51
Good Collecting Nicky
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